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All You Need To Know About The World’s Largest Covered Butterfly Garden: The Dubai Butterfly Garden

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Dubai Butterfly Garden | World’s Largest Covered Butterfly Garden

Situated adjacent to the renowned Dubai Miracle Garden, the Dubai Butterfly Garden proudly holds the title of "World's Largest Covered Butterfly Garden." Picture almost 1700 king-size beds in a space. That’s how huge Dubai’s Butterfly Garden is.  Spanning 6,673 square meters across ten custom-built domes, the enchanting sanctuary showcases over 15,000 butterflies, representing more than 50 diverse species.

Dubai Butterfly Garden in a nutshell

Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets
  • Official name: Dubai Butterfly Garden
  • Location: Dubailand, Al Barsha 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Butterfly Garden is located next to the Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Year of opening: 2015
  • Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM, daily
  • Number of visitors per year: 1.5 million (approximately)
  • Function: Lepidopterarium 
  • Duration of visit: 2 hours

Why visit the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets
  • Butterflies in the desert: The Dubai Butterfly Garden is a captivating oasis in the heart of the desert, featuring ten custom-built climate-controlled domes spanning 6,673 sq. m.
  • World record holder: Boasting the title of the "World's Largest Covered Butterfly Garden," it showcases over 15,000 butterflies, encompassing more than 50 vibrant varieties.
  • Evolution up-close: You can witness the life cycle of butterflies, from caterpillar to chrysalis, in a dedicated area within the garden.
  • Breathtaking varieties: Over 15,000 butterflies representing 50 varieties, from iridescent Morphos to leaf-mimicking Eggflies, await you.

Plan your visit to Dubai Butterfly Garden

Opening hours
Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets

Dubai Butterfly Garden is open throughout the year from 9 AM to 6 PM.

  • Last admission: Although you can enter the butterfly sanctuary anytime within the operating hours, we recommend setting a few hours aside and reaching the attraction at least 2 hours before it closes to fully enjoy the attraction. 
  • Best time to visit: Plan your visit to Dubai Butterfly Garden during the winter season (November to March). To maximize enjoyment, arrive early morning or late in the evening, to avoid crowds, and to ensure quality time in the park.
Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets

Address: Dubailand, Al Barsha 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Situated in the heart of Dubai, the Butterfly Garden is conveniently positioned next to the renowned Dubai Miracle Garden. This strategic location offers visitors a seamless experience, allowing them to explore the beauty of both attractions nearby.

Inside Dubai Butterfly Garden

Besides the beautiful structures inside Dubai Miracle Garden, there’s plenty to explore within the butterfly garden itself. Here are some of the unmissable spots:

Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets

Butterfly Museum

The Butterfly Museum seamlessly blends entertainment with education, offering a fascinating glimpse into art crafted from pressed butterflies worldwide. This collection showcases intricate sculptures, pillars, and various artistic creations made from pressed butterflies. Don't miss the striking mural of the Crown Prince of Dubai, adding prestige to this unique museum.

Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets


Dubai Butterfly Garden features 10 visually striking domes that greet you upon entry. These domes house the garden's main attraction — the butterflies — providing ample space for their free flight and feeding. The dome interiors replicate the butterflies' natural habitat, featuring natural sounds, artificial landscaping, numerous windows, and maintaining an approximate temperature of around 18°–25°C.

Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets

Koi Pond

Nestled in the second dome alongside the butterflies, the Koi Pond is a delight for children and photography enthusiasts. Vibrant koi fish in orange, gold, and white add a splash of color to the serene pond.

Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets

Educational Area

At the heart of Dubai Butterfly Garden lies the Educational Area. Here, you can learn about the entire life cycle, from the larval stage to adulthood. While there, observe diverse butterfly species, including the White Angled-Sulphur, Banded King Shoemaker, Red Rim, Tailed Jay, Great Eggfly, Clipper, Owl Butterfly, Monarch, and Golden Birdwing.

Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets

Kids Cinema

Spending hours enthralled by the beauty of the butterflies can be tiring, even for the most enthusiastic and energetic kid. A visit to the Dubai Butterfly Garden Kids Cinema will provide them (and you) with some much-needed respite. Enjoy educational movies, animations, and insights into the butterfly life cycle.

Dubai Butterfly Garden tickets

Souvenir Shop

Bring home a lasting memory from your visit with a stop at the Dubai Butterfly Garden's gift shop. Discover uniquely wonderful presents at reasonable prices, perfect for yourself or someone special. Choose from a diverse selection of locally crafted jewelry and beautifully preserved butterflies, framed to last for years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai Butterfly Garden

What is the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is a butterfly conservatory, or lepidopterarium. Claimed to be the largest covered butterfly garden in the world, it houses more than 15,000 butterflies from all over the world.

Can I visit the Dubai Butterfly Garden with Dubai Miracle Garden tickets?

Yes, you can visit Dubai Butterfly Garden with Dubai Miracle Garden tickets, provided you purchase the combo options. This lets you explore both attractions for a comprehensive experience and saves you both time and money.

Who designed the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Akar Landscaping & Agriculture Company designed the Dubai Butterfly Garden.

When was the Dubai Butterfly Garden built?

Dubai Butterfly Garden was built in 2015, offering a breathtaking environment to admire the different butterfly species found in the world.

What’s inside the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Inside Dubai Butterfly Garden, you will find ten custom-built, temperature-controlled domes housing thousands of butterflies, along with educational areas, a Koi pond, a souvenir shop, and a Kids' Cinema.

What can I do at the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

At Dubai Butterfly Garden, you can observe and learn about the butterfly life cycle, enjoy educational films, explore the gift shop, capture stunning photographs in the picturesque surroundings, and, of course, see the brilliantly colored butterflies in their habitat as they feed and fly about.

What are the timings of the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Dubai Butterfly Garden is typically open from 9 AM to 6 PM on all days of the year, including public holidays. However, Dubai Butterfly Garden timings are subject to change. It is advisable to review them carefully before booking your tickets.

Where is the Dubai Butterfly Garden located?

Dubai Butterfly Garden is located in Al Barsha South in the Dubailand area, right beside the Dubai Miracle Garden. It is accessible by car, taxi, metro, and bus.

Is Dubai Butterfly Garden wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Dubai Butterfly Garden is wheelchair accessible, ensuring a delightful experience for all visitors. You can also find wheelchairs for use inside the premises.

Is photography allowed at the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Yes, you can click photos at the Dubai Butterfly Garden, allowing you to capture the beauty of the butterflies and the gardens. Please take care not to disturb the natural environment and ask the garden staff for assistance if required.

Is there a dress code for visiting the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

There is no specific dress code for visiting Dubai Butterfly Garden, but we recommend wearing comfortable attire suitable for a garden environment.

Are dining options available inside the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Yes, there are plenty of dining options to satisfy your hunger pangs inside the Dubai Butterfly Garden, including a food kiosk, a cafe, and a candy shop.

Can we bring outside food during the Dubai Butterfly Garden tour?

Unfortunately, bringing food and drinks inside the garden area is not permissible, as it might attract insects that prey on butterflies. However, you can buy and eat food inside the designated zones within the garden premises.

What are the facilities available at the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Dubai Butterfly Garden has restrooms, a parking area, sitting areas, food kiosks, dining areas, prayer rooms, wheelchairs, and a first-aid room.