Dubai miracle garden

Discover Dubai Miracle Garden: World's Largest Natural Flower Garden

If you are looking to escape to a city with a bustling urban vibe that offers some sea breeze, a sun-kissed warmth, and some relaxation on the beach, then answer that call and head to Dubai. Perched where the deserts meet the sea, Dubai is a melting pot of global culture, offering an array of unforgettable experiences. Even though there’s much to do and see, why not begin at the Miracle Garden Dubai?

Miracle Garden Dubai is a horticultural attraction aimed at both locals and tourists and is also known as the world’s largest natural flower garden. More than 150 million flowers and 120 plant varieties are exotically arranged, in different structures and shapes, to form colorful arches and patterns.

Dubai Miracle Garden | Quick Facts

Dubai Miracle Garden

What Is Dubai Miracle Garden?

Dubai Miracle Garden

Why Is Dubai Miracle Garden Famous?

Dubai Miracle Garden is famous for being the world’s natural flower garden. Located in Dubai, it houses a collection of 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. It is a huge flower garden, spread over 72,000 square meters, with different flower arrangements and experiences that are unique to the park.

It houses attractions like the Emirates Airbus A380 – the largest flower arrangement in the world- the life-size rendition of the Emirates Airbus A380, Disney Avenue – a section filled with floral structures of famous Disney Characters, Hearts Passage – a jaw-dropping heart-shaped installation, Trampoline Park & Amphitheatre, and many more. Dubai Miracle Garden keeps on adding new attractions and flower arrangement experiences, making it a popular destination for tourists and families. 

What’s Inside Dubai Miracle Garden?

Located in Dubai, Miracle Garden houses a collection of 50 million flowers and 250 million plants, and several amazing flower arrangements. The attractions get visited by millions of tourists every year. Plan your visit to the wonderful Miracle Garden in Dubai as you get to know about the different attractions and experiences in the world's largest natural flower garden - Miracle Garden, Dubai.

Dubai miracle garden
  • Emirates Airbus A380: Don’t miss out on seeing the largest flower arrangement in the world- the life-size rendition of the Emirates Airbus A380. Almost 40 tonnes of flowers- petunias, sunflowers, marigolds, geraniums, etc., were used to create this Guinness World Record winning, an eye-catching masterpiece.
  • Disney Avenue: Enjoy Disney’s most iconic characters at Disney Avenue. An 18-meter floral structure of Mickey Mouse features almost 100,000 plants and flowers. You can also explore the structures of other Disney characters here.
flower garden dubai
  • Hearts Passage: Immerse yourself in a dozen of hearts as you walk through the jaw-dropping heart-shaped installation, the Hearts Passage. With thousands of flowers engraved to form each heart, the Hearts Passage is one of the most sought-after attractions at the Miracle Garden.
  • Trampoline Park & Amphitheatre: If your little ones are looking for some playtime, allow them to release their energy at the Trampoline Park. For other options, the events at the Amphitheatre will fuel their creative spirits. 
miracle garden
  • Dubai Butterfly Garden: If you love chasing butterflies or observing them while they recharge themselves in the sun, the Dubai Butterfly Garden inside the Miracle Garden offers a unique experience to do that. Home to more than 15,000 butterflies of 26 different kinds, a visit here can be entertaining and educative.
  • New Additions: Don’t miss the newest addition to the garden- a teddy bear with a heart that’s sending out lots of love and harmony! The 12-meter-high attraction is made using thousands of fresh flowers and plants.

Plan Your Visit to Miracle Garden in Dubai

Where Is Miracle Garden Located?
What Are The Miracle Garden Opening Hours?
Dubai Miracle Garden
Miracle Garden Dubai
How To Buy Dubai Miracle Garden Tickets?
Purchase your Dubai Miracle Garden tickets online and enjoy the convenience of booking your slots for the attraction from the comfort of your home. Booking your tickets online also helps you choose your tickets from a variety of options, while saving your time and money.

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All Your Questions About Dubai Miracle Garden Answered

Q. Are COVID-19 precautionary measures taken at Dubai Miracle Garden?

A. Dubai Miracle Garden is a COVID-safe business. All guests will have to undergo thermal screening before entering the venue. Hand sanitizers are available in all paths of travel.

Q. What are the timings of Dubai Miracle Garden?

A. Dubai Miracle Garden is open 9 AM - 9 PM during weekdays and 9 AM - 11 PM on weekends.

Q. How can I book my tickets for Miracle Garden Dubai?

A. You can purchase your Miracle Garden Dubai tickets online. We recommend getting tickets online and in advance as the attraction is extremely popular and tickets sell out quickly.

Q. Who can avail discounts, if any?

A. Tickets are free for people with special needs and children below 3 years of age. The garden offers reduced ticket prices for children between 3 years of age to 11 years of age.

Q. What are the facilities available at Dubai Miracle Garden?

A. Dubai Miracle Garden has state-of-art facilities like parking areas, sitting areas, prayer room, washrooms, ablution facility, first aid room, wheelchairs for visitors with special needs, souvenir shops, and food kiosks.

Q. Is Dubai Miracle Garden wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, Dubai Miracle Garden is wheelchair accessible.

Q. What are things I need to keep in mind before visiting Dubai Miracle Garden?

A. Since the size of the Dubai Miracle Garden is equal to the size of 13 football fields, getting around will easily take you at least two hours, which means a lot of walking. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Carry sunglasses, cap/hat, or an umbrella to shield yourselves from the sun.

Q. What facilities and accessibilities are available at Dubai Miracle Garden?

A. Dubai Miracle Garden has state-of-the-art facilities like parking slots, sitting areas, souvenir shops, kiosks, prayer rooms, first-aid rooms, security rooms, and toilet blocks. If you’re tired walking, you can chill out at the cabanas.

Q. Are professional cameras allowed inside Dubai Miracle Garden?

A. The use of professional cameras and drones are not allowed inside the Miracle Garden Dubai.